Feedback & Ratings

I haven’t left feedback yet

  • How do I leave feedback for the seller?

You can leave feedback for suppliers within 30 days of order completion.

There are 2 ways to leave feedback:

Method A

  • Sign into My TirTir
  • Confirm receipt of your order
  • On the Leave Feedback for this Transaction page click Leave Feedback
  • Rate the seller by clicking the number of stars you want to give and enter an explanation of your rating; your explanation should cover the quality of the item and the seller’s service; and click Leave Feedback

Method B

  • Sign into My TirTir
  • Go to Transactions, click Manage Feedback, then click Orders Awaiting My Feedback
  • Choose an order and click Leave Feedback

Rate the seller by clicking the number of stars you want to give and enter an explanation of your rating; your explanation should cover the quality of the item and the seller’s service.

Please be fair and detailed in your assessment as reviews help other buyers make purchase decisions; and click Leave Feedback

  • When can I leave feedback?

You can leave feedback right after the completion of an order. The valid period of time for you and your supplier to leave each other feedback is within 30 days after order completion.

Can l leave feedback when the order is under a dispute or claim?

No, you cannot leave feedback until the dispute or claim is closed.

I have already left feedback

  • When will the feedback be displayed?

  1. If either the buyer or supplier did not leave feedback within 30 days of order completion, the feedback will not be displayed or activated. Feedback will be displayed and activated when both the buyer and supplier have left feedback.
  2. If one party has not left feedback after 30 days of order completion; then the party who has not received feedback will not receive any feedback by default.
  • How do I revise feedback?

If you have made a mistake in leaving feedback for a seller, you can revise it within 30 days of being posted.

How do I revise feedback for my seller:

  • Sign into My TirTir
  • Go to Transactions, click Manage Feedback(under Feedback); then click Active Feedback
  • Choose an order and click the Revise Feedback button
  • On the Request Buyer Feedback Revision page, enter your reason and click Revise Feedback


What are the rules for revising feedback?

  • 1. You can only revise feedback once after your original feedback is posted
  • 2. You can only revise feedback within 30 days of your original feedback being posted
  • 3. The feedback can only be revised from negative / neutral to positive

    Revising feedback works both ways; you can revise feedback for your sellers or demand that sellers revise feedback left for you.

If you feel that the seller’s feedback about you is unfair, you can contact the seller request a feedback revision within 30 days of the seller’s feedback being posted. If the seller refuses to revise your feedback, and you feel that the original feedback is unfair, you can report feedback abuse.

  • Replying to feedback

You can reply to a seller’s feedback left for you within 30 days of the seller’s submission.

How to reply to feedback:

  • Sign into My TirTir
  • Go to Transactions, click Manage Feedback, then click Active Feedback
  • Choose an order and click Reply
  • On the Reply to Feedback page, enter your reply and click Submit

Feedback content & policy

  • How is feedback measured?

The TirTir Feedback System has a number of different feedback indicators. Each is indicative of a different type of feedback information.

  1. Star Rating
  • Star Ratings indicate the level of Member satisfaction completed transactions.

5 Stars = Excellent
4 Stars = Good
3 Stars = Fair
2 Stars = Poor
1 Star = Very Poor

  • 5 and 4 Star Ratings are defined as positive feedback; 3 Star Ratings are defined as neutral feedback; 2 and 1 Star Ratings are defined as negative feedback.
  1. Number of Ratings
  • The Number of Ratings is the number of Star Ratings a Member receives over a given time period.

  1. Feedback Rate
  • The Feedback Rate is a percentage of each type of feedback a Member receives for a given time period. Each member has a Positive, a Neutral and a Negative Feedback Rate.


  1. Feedback Score

  • The Feedback Score is the sum of all Star Ratings after they have been converted into points.


5 Star or 4 Star Ratings = +1 Point
3 Star Ratings = 0 Points
2 Star or 1 Star Ratings = -1 Point

  1. Average Rating

  • The Average Rating is the sum of all Star Ratings divided by the total Number of Ratings received by a Member over a given period of time.

  • Feedback level & Feedback score

Table of Feedback Level and Feedback Score

Where to find Feedback Levels

  1. Product Detail Page

On the product detail page, the Feedback Level can be found in the Supplier Details section.

  1. Shop Detail Page

On the shop detail page, you can see the Feedback Level at the top of the page or in the Supplier Details. Click the Feedback Score tab at the top of the page to learn more about the supplier’s feedback on TirTir.

  • Checking feedback profiles

  1. Checking the Feedback Profile of a supplier

On the product detail page, go to the Supplier Details section and click the Positive Feedback Rate (e.g. 95.5%) or the Number of Ratings to view the supplier’s Feedback Profile.

  1. Checking your own Feedback Profile

(1) Sign in to My TirTir and click the Transactions tab
(2) Click Manage Feedback on the left column
(3) Click the View My Feedback Profile link

  1. Checking feedback for individual products

On any product detail page, click the Feedback tab to see feedback on transactions for that product. In this tab you will see feedback for a product over the past 6 months including the Average Star Rating, Buyer Ratings and Feedback Records.

  • Policies on reporting abuse & removing feedback

Buyers cannot remove feedback left by sellers or vice versa; a TirTir representative can assist with the request. You can report feedback abuse (profane language, libelous or defamatory statements) within 30 days of feedback submission.

For each feedback record, you can only report feedback abuse once. TirTir will investigate all reported feedback abuse. If feedback abuse is confirmed, the reported feedback will be deleted; otherwise, the original feedback will remain unchanged.

How to report feedback abuse:

  • Sign into My TirTir
  • Go to Transactions, click Manage Feedback (under Feedback); then click Active Feedback
  • Choose an order and click the Report button
  • On the Report Feedback Abuse page, select the type of feedback abuse you are reporting
  • You can provide a detailed explanation of the abuse you are reporting as well as upload images as evidence. When you are finished, click Submit

How to check the progress of your feedback abuse report(s):

  • Sign into My TirTir
  • Go toTransactions, click Manage Feedback
  • Click the View Your Feedback Abuse Reports link

Remove Feedback Policy

If buyer/seller report feedback abuse within 30 days of feedback activation, the feedback will be removed in the following instances:

  • The feedback is unrelated to the transaction
  • Uses improper language, or disclose the personal information
  • The feedback is left by competitors on purpose
  • Use of negative feedback to get the extra benefits
  • Others(Should provide the evidence to prove it)

Detailed Seller Ratings

  • Detailed Seller Ratings FAQ

·         What is Detailed Seller Ratings?

Detailed Seller Ratings are completely anonymous ratings left by the buyer after transactions have been completed. These ratings provide a more complete picture of the seller’s performance. Detailed Seller Ratings are a part of the site’s overall feedback system, which contains three detailed options for buyers to evaluate a seller’s service and items. The Detailed Seller Ratings are based on a one- to five-star scale. Five stars is the highest rating, and one star is the lowest rating.

Details Ratings (5 Stars to 1 Star)
5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star
Item as Described
How accurate was the product description?
Very Accurate Accurate Neutral Inaccurate Very Inaccurate
How satisfied were you with the seller’s communication?
Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Shipping Speed
How quickly did the seller ship the item?
Very Fast Fast Moderate Slow Very Slow

·         How do I check the Detailed Seller Ratings?

Case 1: When you view a detailed item page or the seller’s store page, you can find information about the detailed seller rating just below the seller’s overall positive feedback. See the following screenshot for reference.

Case 2: You can also find more detailed information by clicking the “Feedback Score” button located in the navigation bar of seller’s store page.

·         How do I leave the Detailed Seller Ratings?

When the transaction is completed or closed, you can leave feedback and a rating within 7 days.(You can extend the feedback time to 45 days by clicking the ‘Extend Feedback Time’ button)To leave the rating,

  1. Sign into “My TirTir” from the homepage
  2. Go to “Transactions“, click “Manage Feedback“, then click “Orders Awaiting My Feedback
  3. Select an order and click “Leave Feedbac
  4. Input the details of your experience and assign the seller a rating. Click the “Leave Feedback” button to submit your feedback.

If you haven’t rated the transaction, you can complete it by clicking ‘Complete the feedback by rating the transaction’ in the following graph, after you submit feedback.

·         Other rules & regulations

  1. Buyers can extend the time allowed to rate a seller within 30 days after the transaction is completed.
  2. If you did not leave any Detailed Seller Ratings, default feedback will not be given by the system.
  3. Once the ratings have been given, they cannot be removed or changed.
  4. The scores of Detailed Seller Ratings are only shown when the ratings are given over 10 times.
  5. Only Detailed Seller Ratings scores from the past 6 months are shown.

[:ar]ردود الفعل والتقييمات

يمكنك تقييم اي بائع او منتج قمت بشراءه من خلال الدخول الى صفحة المنتج  وترك تقييم وكتابة تعليق

وبناء على تقييمك لمنتجات البائع يظهر التقييم الخاص بالبائع ويمكنك مراجعة التعليقات والتقيمات الخاصة بكل بائع من خلال الدخول الى صفحة البائع والضغط على تبويب تقييم











سياسة معايير ومحتوى التعليقات
• كيف يتم قياس التقييم ؟
نظام ترتر للتعليقات لديه عدد من المقاييس المختلفة. كل مقياس يدل على نوع مختلف من التقييم.

1. تصنيف النجوم
• تشير تصنيفات النجوم إلى مستوى رضا الأعضاء عن المعاملات المنجزة.
5 نجوم = ممتاز
4 نجوم = جيد
3 نجوم = عادل
2 نجوم = ضعيف
1 نجمة = ضعيف جدا
• يتم تعريف 5 و 4 تصنيفات النجوم على أنها ردود فعل إيجابية. وتعرف التقييمات الثلاث نجوم بأنها ردود فعل محايدة؛ يتم تعريف 2 و 1 تصنيفات النجوم على أنها ردود فعل سلبية.


. حساب التقييم

  • نقاط التقييم هي مجموع جميع تقييمات النجوم بعد تحويلها إلى نقاط


5 نجوم أو 4 تصنيفات النجوم = +1 نقطة

3 تصنيفات النجوم = 0 نقاط

2 نجمة أو 1 تصنيف النجوم = -1 نقطة

  1. متوسط التقييم
  • متوسط التقييم هو مجموع جميع تصنيفات النجوم مقسوما على إجمالي عدد التقييمات التي يتلقاها العضو خلال فترة زمنية معينة.
  • مستويات التقييم وحسابها /

جدول التقييم و المستويات

أين اجد مستويات التقييم

  1. صفحة تفاصيل المنتج

في صفحة تفاصيل المنتج، يمكن العثور على مستوى الملاحظات في قسم تفاصيل البائع.